Polikarpov I-153 1/72 ICM

I uploaded a couple of my older models as well, for better testing of some features of this new blog. This one I built in September 2018. 

It’s a I-153 of an unknown unit based near the city of Lutsk, western Ukraine, in June 1941. There is a nice photo available, typical early Barbarossa scene, a slightly wrecked airframe with posing German soldiers.

As for the ICM kit, it’s very good but not perfect, seems a bit half-baked with some weird omissions – there are no exhausts for instance. Fortunately, almost all of these issues are fixed with one single aftermarket set by SBS. There is a resin cowling and rudder and some PE. It’s excellent stuff really taking the ICM kit to the next level.

In the cockpit, there is a seat taken from I-15bis. The original kit seat is far too narrow.

I made some minor scribing (missing lines on the fuselage-wing transition), added some little details, most importantly a new windshield cut from acetate foil.

The numbers are painted through masks cut on my plotter.

As for the camouflage, this machine is indeed two-tone, like the vast majority, if not all Chaikas – silver/grey, not mono silver!

I painted the prop hub green (instead of red or blue or whatnot). This is the only silver-grey Chaika which I know with this prop hub type. All other machines I saw were camouflaged green, therefore I assumed it was taken from one such machine.

The rigging is made with the same method as always – fishing line threaded through the upper wing.

That’s all. I am aware of some minor errors like missing aileron hinges, cowling intake shape, etc. Anyway, any criticism is welcome as always.  

2 thoughts on “Polikarpov I-153 1/72 ICM

  • 16. 3. 2020 at 4:43

    Brilliant workmanship on display ….perfectly rendered colors for an beautiful yet subtle result

  • 9. 5. 2021 at 19:07

    Hi Vladimir,
    Excellent build, perhaps the best ICM I-153 online! You managed to extract a top result from what is – to me, at least – a somehow disappointing kit after so many years waiting for a decent I-153 in 1/72 scale. Besides from the issues you mention, one of the worst points of the kit is the shape and size of the fin and rudder, especially when viewed from profile. This is especially true if one compares the kit with period photos, which show a more subtle outline (well represented by ICM in their I-15bis). The shape of the windscreen is also off… This said, I don’t know if there still room for a new 1/72 I-153 but I’d happily welcome it!


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