S-20.103 1/72 KP

In 1929, Vojenský letecký ústav studijní (Military aviation study institute) received an aircraft Š-20.103, from the fourth production series, for testing. The interesting detail about this particular plane is the photo documentation, portraying it with a ski landing gear. This is why I chose this plane for construction.

The fuselage was covered in fabric, the upper wings were coloured in lighter shade of khaki, while the undersides were silver. All available photos show the sheet metal panels darker than the rest of the plane, so I chose darker khaki for them.

Another speciality about this plane are the modifications, which tested the possibilities of turning this plane into a reconnaissance aircraft, equipped with camera. For this, a box for the camera was fitted behind the rear legs of undercarriage and was protruding from the fuselage. The camera was most likely made by Václav Koula firm.

The kit was made by Kovozávody Prostějov (KP), which required some necessary changes:

  • Lower wing was prolonged by 8 mm and ailerons were expanded.
  • Number of ribs was changed on horizontal and vertical stabilizers.
  • The shape of horizontal stabilizer was changed.
  • A rod for manipulation on an airfield and control covers were added on the tail of the aircraft.
  • The upper footrest is made new from wire and extends above the surface.
  • The cockpit was made completely new, using only a pilot seat from the original kit.
  • I added fuel installation on the canopy of the upper wing.
  • Exhausts and machine guns were made from syringes.
  • The bottom of fuselage contains the cover for camera.
  • The wire bracers are flat, pulled from plastic plate.

The model was painted by brush, upper surface by Gunze C, underside by Agame. Varnish by Tamiya.

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  • 13. 4. 2024 at 9:07

    Yet another extremely impressive aircraft …with the bonus of learning more about early Czech aviation history

    Thanks to Dusan and Vlad for another fascinating positing


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