Star Wars 1:121 & 1:112 Revell

Almost everyone knows the Star Wars movie series. Someone like them, someone doesn’t. Some people are fans of the original series from the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, some people prefer the new ones. I’ll admit that the new series is a bit beyond me just because I have never watched them completely, they didn’t just attract me these times. However, almost all my peers just “lived” by the original trilogy while we were attending a basic school…

I’ve been looking for a long time for various larger or smaller AMT and Bandai models from Star Wars, but in 2019 Revel re-released its bag-packaged easy-click system kits. I didn’t hesitate for long, and after researching what scale the toys actually are (each is different!), I bought one from the dark and one from the light side of the Force. The dark side is symbolized by Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter (TIE Advanced x1 Starfighter) in the indicated scale of 1:121, the light side is symbolized by Luke’s X-wing Starfighter (X-wing Incom Corporation T-65B) in the indicated scale of 1:112. Even though the mentioned models are actually snap-tite (easy-click) kits that can be assembled without glue and their colouring is to be provided by the included stickers, they hide considerable potential even for us “standard modelers”. Although the scales of the two models are different, when compared side by side they are quite compatible, which led me to the idea of ​​creating a small diorama…

The construction of both kits is very simple, I just added minor details and thoroughly painted the interior details including Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and Darth Vader themselves. After glueing the main parts together, it was necessary to fill in some minor faults on the joints and a few sink marks on the surface. Before painting, I made masks for the X-wing “Red Five” marking according to the stickers, everything else was masked with Tamiya masking tape. I painted the small details with a fine brush, and I made both wash and drybrush more intense than usual. Dry pigments were used to weather both models. Now it was time to work on the base.

My idea was to create a small diorama with the illusion of a galactic battle. The base consists of two HDF plates glued together at a 90-degree angle using a wood prism as a necessary reinforcement of the base. As a background, I used some space HD desktop wallpaper, which I blurred directionally in the graphics editor to create the illusion of speed. I printed the modified graphics on smooth 200g A3 paper, which I sprayed over with matte varnish after glueing it to the wooden base. I drilled two holes in the upright part, and stuck a bent welding wire into them, which I secured at the back with a hot glue gun. After that, I painted all edges and wires with matte black acrylic paint in two layers. So when the two models of intergalactic fighters were attached to the wires, from some angles it looks like they are really flying! My job was done! This “few buck” mini diorama was a very fun project, maybe I’ll make something similar sometime…

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  • 16. 1. 2023 at 5:17

    A Brilant diarama …”May the Froce be woith you”


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