Hawker Hurricane Mk.I 1/72 Arma Hobby

    I managed to finish another Hurricane in 1/72 scale. Arma Hobby is really the best kit of that famous plane in 72 scale. The straightforward OOB build of the Mk.I version is slightly complicated by the non-ideal fitting of the cocpit and error seam on the left side of the engine cowling. As in the previous builds, I have added mirror and stirrup made from scratch. That is all.

    The camouflage represents one of the twelve Hurricanes delivered to Romania and operating by the famous Escadrille 53, Grupul 5 Vanatoare in July 1941. Hurricane number 4 was the only shot down in aerial combat. In September 1941, it was the victim of the soviet I-16. The no.4 wore original RAF camouflage and is distinguished by the missing tricolour on the rudder. The instructions note a different type of antenna mast, but unfortunately do not mention the different older type of ring gunsight. I noticed this detail too late, therefore I decided not to complicate the build and keep it as is.

    There is now a wide range of Hurricanes available from Arma Hobby, including naval sub-variants. The book Hawker Hurricane and the Czechoslovaks vol. 1 has recently appeared. So there is really big motivation to continue building Hurricanes kits.

P.S. After the post was published I got a feedback from my friend which would be worth to mention. The Romanian Hurricanes should have five-spoke discs of main wheels (Which is suplemented in the kit as a resin part). The starboard panel located in area of Mickey Mouse art should be filled, and I also miss the drilled hole in the bottom of the engine cowling.


Translated with a help of DeepL.com (free version)

2 thoughts on “Hawker Hurricane Mk.I 1/72 Arma Hobby

  • 7. 1. 2024 at 9:47

    A beautiful version in rarely seen Romanian livery, expertly crafted….thanks for the updated build notes and for sharing such a lovely Hurricane !

  • 30. 1. 2024 at 20:23

    Than you for comment, regards David


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