Miles M.5A Sparrowhawk 1/72 SBS model

The Miles M.5 Sparrowhawk was a 1930s British single-seat racing and touring monoplane designed by Miles Aircraft Limited.


As is their habit, SBS constantly comes to the market with non-traditional types from the history of aviation. These attractive models are neglected by the big players in the market, but then again, it doesn’t matter too much, because if you are not afraid of resin models, then wave your hand and buy something from SBS, such as this amazing little sports plane.

A standard sturdy box with a side view profile contains literally a few parts, safely packed against damage. In addition you will find there clear resin windshield, masks for it and a small fret with few PE parts. Of course, decals and instructions including „camouflage“ for the only version the box offers. Actually, on the other side, there is something like an advertisement for the second box released, Miles this time in a creamy color.

I finished assembly in few days. No major issues I would recall although it requires here and there little fitting and sanding. However this is basically OOB build except the closed side doors.

The base color is Vallejo French Blue from the Air Color range. I applied a bit of postshading to the base colour and highlighted some parts with a lighter shade to break up the solid dark blue look. The result is not very visible, but I didn’t want to overdo it too much. There is also a few decals only so this stage won’t take too much time either. Weathering done with help of AK wash and final layer created with Microscale Semi-matte varnish. After about ten (or so) evening sessions, I was done and could cross another box off the stash. SBS is already preparing the next version of Miles and I hope more surprises are on the way 😊


One thought on “Miles M.5A Sparrowhawk 1/72 SBS model

  • 24. 7. 2023 at 4:12

    The SPS Sparrowhawk has never looked more delightful. It’s exciting to hear that. It can be built without any issues and testament to the engineering and production quality of SPS. Mr. Henyk has done a brilliant job as usual nailing the French blue color along with a very subtle wash, all combining to create such a beautiful Bluebird

    Tres bien !


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