Zlín XII 1/72 RS models

For the purpose of a relax build I chose my favourite sport plane – the Zlin XII by RS models. I decided to build the British marking, as I already had the Czechoslovak DH Puss Moth.

I am aware of the only photo of this particular machine and it seems to have a silver finish. I started by detailing the interior because it’s my favourite part of the build. After closing the fuselage together and fitting other main parts, I sprayed the little Zlin with a layer of Surfacer 1000. I had only two issues which slowed me down and it was fitting the tail together and the wrong shape of the hump behind the rear cockpit. Black Surfacer followed and then the well known Agama Red Line Aluminium Dope on the entire surface of the plane. I only distinguished the engine cowling and the wheel lids with Alclad Airframe Aluminium. Decals worked perfectly and I only toned the whole model with a satin varnish. The final step consisted of fitting the new headrests and windshields.

Another enjoyable build.

2 thoughts on “Zlín XII 1/72 RS models

  • 1. 11. 2020 at 4:28

    An excellent rendition of a Czechoslovak Classic !

  • 29. 9. 2021 at 18:46

    Very nice indeed.

    I was making the Yugoslavian version but it ended up in pieces due to frustration with the wheel supports, then I dropped it on the floor. I did find 2 photos of the Yugo bird, RS decals along with the shape and location were totally different. Couldn’t believe how such a simple kit could be so frustrating!

    Anyway, again, lovely build on yours.


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