Avia CS-199 1/72 Eduard

   The Avia CS-199 was one of the first standard post-war trainer plane of the newly built Czechoslovak Air Force. 82 planes were produced. The CS-199 was a two-seat variant of the single-seat S-199, which was built from the Bf-109 airframe and fitted with Jumo-211 engines.

    Last year a very nice and long awaited CS-199 kit from Eduard came on the market. The kit is almost perfect. As usual I only would mention ugly decals. Therefore I replaced Czechoslovak insignias by masking and spraying the new ones. For the closed cockpit variant is needed to sand down the etched instrument panel on the sides and sand down the fuselage raisers used in the open cockpit variant. That’s all. Combined with quite simple camouflage, we have a very nice and easy kit. This kit is also the first of Eduard’s planned line of Bf-109 F,G,K kits in 72 scale. I think we really have something promissing to look forward.

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