Hawker Hurricane Mk I and Mk IIc 1/72 Arma Hobby

The build of Arma Hobby’s Hawker Hurricanes was a pleasant surprise for me. I really enjoyed those OOB builds. At first, I started the Hurricane Mk.IIc on our New year modeller event. During just two days of modelling, I had a rough build finished. I did small improvements (mirror, stirrup).

The camouflage depicts the Hurricane of Portugal air force. Around 115 Hurricanes mostly Mk IIc were delivered into Portugal and served till 1952 as one of the last Hurricanes in service. A machine no. 624 was a part of Escadrille de Caça 1. Colours I made should be the same or similar to DG/OG RAF shades which were over-sprayed during the overhaul. Decals are from LF models sheet named Portugal Hurricanes part II. Decals are made by different technology and therefore they are not good in register and little translucent. But the result was acceptable after some retouching and also adjusting the green colour to match the spinner and fuselage band.

Fascinated by the first build I started also Hurricane Mk I as a part of a small group build dedicated to Battle of Britain adversary. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that the Mk I kit is a bit inferior compared to the Mk IIc kit, which was improved in some aspects. This caused some troubles with landing gear assembly and also after spraying colours I had to sand off a wrong line on the engine cowling.

Marking I have chosen is a Hurricane of the Czechoslovak 310 squadron which contributed a lot to the victory in the BoB.
The mount with serial P3143 coded NNoD was most successful with six claims by several pilots in total. Bellow, you can find a list and the link to nice photos. The most popular picture is NNoD with pilots around in Duxford, dated Sept 7, 1940. The Hurricane was destroyed during an engine failure on Oct 16, 1940, with Sgt J. Chalupa killed. Thanks to my friend I could spray the code NNoD by cut-out mask. The other decals are from Plastic Planet decal sheet for 310 squadron. Unfortunately, there is any photographic evidence of presence little Czech national insignia on the cowling. Therefore I didn´t put it there as per the majority of sources.

List of claims Hurricane Mk I NNoD, P3143:

F/Lt G.L.Sinclair Bf-110, Do-17; Sgt B.Furst Bf-110 probable, Bf-109 E, He-111; Sgt E. Prchal Do-17; P/O S. Fejfar Bf-110; P/O V. Bergman 0,33 Ju-88 damaged

links to photos of NNoD :
Hurricane NNoD on worldwarphotos
Hurricane NNoD on asisbiz.com_1
Hurricane NNoD on asisbiz.com_2
Hurricane NNoD on asisbiz.com_3

Arma Hobby recently released the version Mk IIb and I am looking forward to build it as well as a lot of other Hurricanes 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hawker Hurricane Mk I and Mk IIc 1/72 Arma Hobby

  • 15. 11. 2020 at 10:00

    Masterful work David,

    Both of your Hurricanes look lovely indeed and the choice of the Portuguese livery is very unique’
    Arma Hobby has produced a perfect Hurricane but how exactly did you create the stirrup?

    Additional thanks for the Czechoslovak 310 Squadron photos and information

  • 16. 11. 2020 at 21:38

    Hello Rob,
    thanks for kind words. In fact, the stirrup is included in a small etched fret. (Valid for Expert set only). But I decided to do my own, as I have more Hurricaness as simple sets. The stirrup is made from bended wire and narrow thin plastic strut. All slightly glued together and strenghtened by collour layer.

  • 17. 11. 2020 at 4:27

    Ahoj David,
    Thanks for kindly sharing all of the details.. an obviously very successful technique that I hope to use someday.

  • 22. 3. 2021 at 15:57

    Hi, I just wanted to say that maybe you should not have written caca, because in Portugal caca is shit.
    Thanks for building a fap plane, and I have to say that yours is way better than mine

    • 29. 4. 2021 at 10:34

      hi, thanks for the correction, I just fixed that (ç is correct, right?) 🙂
      by the way, I believe you wanted to write fab plane, fap plane also sounds like… something a bit different 😀

  • 29. 4. 2021 at 12:07

    thanks to both for correction. I think Alexandre means FAP = Força Aérea Portuguesa.
    I am also not sure if we should correct Portugal to Portuguese. Just only my guess with help of wiki.


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