Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero 1/72 Tamiya

    A6M3 Zero model 32 is an another version of this famous plane. The main and visible distinguishing feature of this version is the clipped wing. This led the Americans, on their first encounters with this machine, to believe that it was a new type in the Japanese Air Force and so it was nicknamed the Hap. This was in honor of the Commanding General of the AAF, General H.H. “Hap” Arnold. However, it is said that he did not really appreciate the honor, and the codename was later changed to be “Hamp”. Once the Allies found that the A6M3 was just a modified Zero, the term “Hamp” was dropped in favor of “Zeke 32”.

    The kit is Tamiya and building it OOB is really a big fan and enjoyment. In contrast, the use of non-fitting masks from Eduard is really disappointing and quite Faux pas of the manufacturer. The marking is from Rising decals sheet and depicts Zeke V-187, Houkoku 870, Tainan Kokutai found at the Buna Airport scrapyard, in 1942.


2 thoughts on “Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero 1/72 Tamiya

  • 24. 7. 2023 at 4:07

    The Venerable Tamiya, Zeke has never looked better along with the Rising Decals Mr. Koktavy has created an extremely nice-looking bird.

    • 18. 10. 2023 at 9:02

      Thanks for comment 🙂


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