Caudron C.450 1/72 SBS

If you are interested in aircraft from World War II, you have certainly come across the Caudron C.714 fighter. Few people know that the path to the construction of this light fighter led through a long line of similar-looking sports machines from the Caudron-Renault factory. With their typical blue color and enchanting graceful shapes, they attract all fans of interwar aviation. Who wouldn’t want to have one in his collection, right?

SBS has already released several boxings with Caudron C.600, so it was only a matter of time before they release another Caudron. C.450 appeared first, soon followed by C.460 (more about this type next time, maybe).

As with the already reviewed Caudron C.600, this Caudron is a trouble-free kit. A few parts, all perfectly cast with no bubbles, a small set of etched parts, it won’t take you more than one evening to prepare all parts for assembling and painting. Only the bulkhead behind the pilot’s seat required some sanding and dry fitting. The rest is really just routine work. I spent more time thinking about the correct colors. The internet helped me as for the interior, however, I didn’t find much advice on the overall blue color shade. I bought almost two dozens of different shades of blue, various brands, then sprayed chips and compared them in both daylight and artificial lighting. I was trying to choose something that would bring me closer to my idea of ​​the right blue shade, but I failed. Finally, I mixed the desired color using Gunze H although I’m still not 100% satisfied. Later, by chance, I came across a thread on a French modeling forum, where a colleague performed similar research, but definitely with a better result. I’m about to use his research findings in my next Caudron builds.

The model was a pleasant break between more complex projects. Such pieces always bring a bit of shine into your collection. I’m already looking forward to building a C.460 and I can reveal that SBS is working on another version of a racing Caudron.

À bientôt 😊


2 thoughts on “Caudron C.450 1/72 SBS

  • 29. 11. 2020 at 10:42

    Ahoj David,

    Brilliant work as usual and you’re so right we all would desire such a great looking Caudron in our display.
    I must add that your ultimate choice of Gunze H mix for the elusive “Caudron Blue” works very well as it adds drama and an overall tone that makes me just keep looking at the photos over and over. Very arresting indeed.

    Magnifique !

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