Leopard 2 A4 1/72 Dragon

The Leopard 2 is another successor of feline beasts in the German military industry. This spring I took a short break from planes and started to build this tank. The Armor in 1/72 is an appropriate subject especially if you make it in a detached place like a vacation in a hotel where you don’t have all the necessary tools.

From the vacation, I get the rough straightforward OOB build, arranged and ready for camouflage. I found a nice photo of the Finnish Army Leopard participating the Lappi 2021 exercise and staying near the airport Ivalo.

So I decided to do that tank with some compromises and including the base with snow. Unfortunately, there are more compromises than one man could expect. E.g. another registration number or some different equipment on the tank. At least I tried to make the camouflage pattern properly. It is done by airbrush with tape masking. The winter white colour is made by brush and then chipped. The base is a photo frame filled with the Tamiya snow effect. Unfortunately, the result was poor as the snow was with yellow tint and with a lot of developed cracks after it dry. I corrected it with the use of “Solamyl” (a white backing powder) and oversprayed it with white colour. I also added some remnants of snow into the wheels.

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